Learning Paraphrasing for Multi-word Expressions

This is the data set for our ACL2016 - MWE Workshop paper entitled "Learning Paraphrasing for Multi-word Expressions"

This data set is distributed under the CC-BY license.


README: this README file

train.tsv: the training data for the ranking task

test.tsv: the test data for the ranking task


A line is one data-point with 7 columns

column 1: target number in a sentence. Sentences with a target and all candidates will have the same number.

column 2: a sentence. The sentence might be repeated for different possible targets.

column 3: the target paraphrase in this sentence.

column 4: the candidate paraphrase for the target in this sentence.

column 5: the position (offset) of the target paraphrase.

column 6: the ppdb2.0 score for the target and candidate paraphrases.

column 7: the label ( the number of workers agreed on this candidate paraphrase).

To cite the data, use the following paper


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