#BTWitter Contrastive CoOccurrence Analysis on Twitter for the German Election 2013

BTWitter is a web based application and can be used to investigate differences and commonalities between two politicians, parties or any other two entities. The approach is based on word cooccurrence and visualizes words in Twitter messages that are strongly associated with a particular keyword.

Figure 1 shows a contrastive analysis for the keywords “Brüderle” and “Trittin” , which are both top candidates for minor parties in the German election.

The left side of the graph shows words only cooccurring with the keyword Brüderle and the right side only cooccurring words with Trittin. The overlap in the middle indicates words that are cooccurring with both terms. To obtain the context related to the given keyword and a particular cooccurring word the user can select the context view.

Figure 2 represents a context for the cooccurring word #dreikampf and Brüderle.

Furthermore the application offers several parameters to affect the generation of the
cooccurrence chart. The web demo is available online.

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