Network of the Day

Network of the day is a software mainly developed for the interactive visualization of time-dependent relationships of public agents (persons and organizations) extracted from German online news. Furthermore, the software enables for transparent and intuitive exploration of current events which also support cooperative tagging of relationships. The target group of this software are journalists, but also laymen such as students, voters and politically interested citizens can be greatly benefited.The search functionality in NoD allows users to find entities in the current network and visualize the respective cluster.

Live demo of NoD can be accessed from here

Daily Network Visualization

The following diagram shows the main visualization components of NoD. The source code and documentation of NoD will be publicly available soon and is available per request.

  1. Interactive time-dependent network

    • Clusters: Organized by topic
    • Nodes: Named-Entities (persons and organizations)
    • Edges: Relations between Named-Entities

  2. Frequency-Chart:

    • Shows terms that were popular on the respective day
    • Trend of terms can be observed over time
    • Shorter timespans can be selected
    • Two peaks reflect changes in Schumacher‘s condition

  3. Cooperative social tagging:

    • Source sentences linked to original online articles
    • Users may add a tag which labels the relationship

  4. Entity Search:

    • Search mask allows users to search for entities
    • Match will open the respective cluster

  5. Datepicker:

    • Select date of interest

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