Dependency Modification Framework

To add Stanford-like dependency collapsing to German dependency parsers, we have created a framework and a rule format that can be used to modify and adjust dependencies. We have successfully converted the Stanford collapsing rules to German and demonstrated that this approach improves the performance of a semantic similarity calculation.

This framework can be used for other tasks as well, e.g. event extraction.

Download and Contributing

The project is hosted on Sourceforge as part of the JoBimText project ( and is available under the Apache 2.0 License. Please contact us if you plan to contribute to, or use the software. We are especially looking forward to new rulesets for different languages.


  • Chris Biemann (project lead)
  • Jonas Kaufmann (student developer, implementation of the rulesets, documentation)
  • Martin Riedl (lead developer, scientific experiments, software engineering)
  • Eugen Ruppert (developer, experiments, documentation)


Rule-based Dependency Parse Collapsing and Propagation for German and English
Eugen Ruppert, Jonas Klesy, Martin Riedl and Chris Biemann. 2015.
In: Proceedings of the GSCL 2015, GSCL 2015, p. 58--66, Essen, Germany.


Additional information and usage instructions on the project website:

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