LexSub - Delexicalized Lexicical Substitution Framework

LexSub is a framework for supervised all-words lexical substitution using delexicalized features [1]. This particularly means that it requires only one trained classifier that can be applied on all seen and unseen words ("all-words"). This is achieved by using features that only characterize a word's context that is independent of the lexical surface form of the word itself ("delexicalized"). This includes n-gram frequencies, for example, and distributional similarity scores.

The main core of the project is published under the Apache Licence (link), the executable uses GPL licenced code and is published under the GPL licence.



[1] Szarvas, G., Biemann, C., and Gurevych, G. (2013): Supervised All-Words Lexical Substitution using Delexicalized Features. Proceedings of NAACL-2013, Atlanta, GA, USA [pdf] [Slides][Video]

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